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How to improve productivity and lifestyle with gratitude
Absolutely all of us have several reasons to be grateful. However, gratitude is not always present in us, perhaps because we go through life too quickly without having time to appreciate what we have. Another reason may be that we have been forced many times to be grateful for things without really feeling it and this has caused us to reject or block this emotion. To be grateful is to live in the moment.

The moment we stop for a second to say “thank you” or “wow, this is beautiful”, we are not thinking about the past or the future, we are anchored in the present.

Do you want to be more grateful?

Here are three possible ways to make gratitude a habit. Perhaps some of these ideas seem obvious to you (yet how often do we overlook the obvious?) But, still, perhaps the second possible way will surprise you.

Paying attention to the present

Have you ever heard the expression “it’s the path that matters, not the destination”? It’s an idiom that means to relax and take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life and what’s happening in the moment. In order to embrace the feeling of gratitude, it is necessary to stop, look around and be aware of where you are and what you have. Realizing the good things around us requires attention, that is the key, sometimes also silence.

Keeping a diary

Keep a journal in which you write down 3 things you are sincerely grateful for before you go to bed.

If journaling isn’t your thing, you can also join a Facebook group or other online forum where appreciation is discussed and positive messages are shared. The advantage of writing and not just thinking about the things you’re grateful for is that those words stay there forever, not being blown away or buried under gray thoughts.

Starting a Pitcher of Gratitude

Instead of writing the things you are thankful for in a notebook, write them down on small pieces of paper, buy a glass jar and put them there regularly. Every time you feel and/or experience gratitude throughout the year, keep it in the jar. You will notice the joy you feel when you see your “gratitude jar” fill up day by day.

Have a moment of gratitude

Without writing, you can set a fixed time in the day to say thank you, for example, in the morning as soon as you wake up or just before you go to bed and review what has happened throughout the day.

You can set a reminder on your phone so that, for example, twice a day you hear a “thank you” alarm reminding you that it’s time to stop for a couple of minutes, wherever you are, to ask yourself: What’s happening right now that deserves thanks?

If you can stop and look at your Instagram feed many times, why not take a moment to consider what’s worth appreciating right here, right now? Whatever the form, writing or just thinking, creating a thank-you routine will have very beneficial effects in the long run. Just choose the path and… go for it!

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